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Cheap Digital Clock | Battery Operated Digital Desk Clock | Factory

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    Cheap Digital Clock - Simple Basic Operation, Battery Operated, Alarm, Snooze, Light, Perfect for Desk, Shelf, Travel, Bedside, White

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Cheap Digital Clock | Battery Operated Digital Desk Clock | Factory


【Cheap Battery Digital Clock with Controllable Backlight】: Built-in sensor automatically comes on when it's dark around, because it's light-activated. It's soft, making you sleep easily or see time from a distance. Of course, it can also be turned off. 

【Alarm from Weak to Strong】: This alarm of the clock starts off with a soft, slow beep to wake you up gently. Then it gradually gets louder and more frequent. It’s really suitable for light sleepers.
【Large LCD Display and Power Saving】: Extra large numbers, easier your reading anytime and anywhere. Powered by 2*AAA batteries(not included), so there’s no ugly cord and you don’t have to hunt around for a socket.
【Easily Portable Desktop Alarm Clock】: With a clearly visible display, which shows the date,time (either in 12 hr or 24 hr format) and the temperature (℃/℉). And Simple, clearly-marked controls on the back of this clock allow you to easily change all the settings.
【Quality Guarantee】: Makes for an ideal gift for friends, family, and colleagues.

Product description :

Colour: White
Have you ever been awoken by the loud ringing of an alarm clock?
Have you ever had trouble finding an alarm clock at night when you wanted to see the time?
Have you ever felt a mess of consumer electronics wires in your rooms?
This smart and adorable alarm clock coming into your home will give you a whole new life. And it won't just change time. With it, you can wake up naturally, watch time in the middle of the night at ease, don't see the ugly charging cable, and don't get mad about not being able to find a socket.

1.Large display and big numbers: Time, Calendar, Temperature, Alarm Time.
2.Smart clock function. In the dark you can see the time and temperature, without affecting the eyes.
3.Fahrenheit and Celsius free conversion.
4.24 hours /12 hours conversion.
5.Humanized alarm: Alarm sound stronger gradually, wake you up in the soft sound. 
6.White background night light: If bright light needed, press "snooze/light" button to use nightlight, which lasts 5 seconds. 
7.Extremely simple operation settings. You can operate settings without reading the manual.
8.Low radiation. The clock is designed with a low current.

-Dimensions: 110*41*74mm
-Color: White
-Power Supply: 2 x AAA batteries Only (Not Included). 

Package include: 
1 x Digital Alarm Clock
1 x Manual