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Children Alarm Clock - Alarm Clock for Kids - Factory

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    HAPTIME Children Alarm Clock, Alarm Clock for Kids with Time to Wake Up Function, Amazing NAP Mode, Snooze Function, Screen Backlight, Nightlight Function,2 Alarm Sounds and 12/24 Format

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Children Alarm Clock - Alarm Clock for Kids - Factory

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  • 【Time to Wake Up Function】This children alarm clock comes with time to Wake Up Function, when i reaches the preset time, the nightlight will come out and lasts 30 minutes. In this mode, the nightlight comes out and no alarm rings, short press any button except "Snooze Button" to turn off the nightlight.
  • 【Amazing NAP Mode Function】This kids alarm clock built with NAP mode, after the setting, press "NAP" button to confirm and stay in NAP mode or press "MENU" button to exit NAP mode and return to time display interface.(Note: 1. If the NAP time is 01:30, the product will alarm after 1.5 hours. 2. The longest setting time in NAP mode can be 11:59.
  • 【Considerate Snooze Function】Featured with Amazing Snooze Mode, when the ALARM or NAP reaches the preset time, touch the "Snooze" button on the top to enter snooze mode, the snooze time will be 9 minutes. Press any button except "Snooze" button to cancel the ALARM or NAP function.
  • 【Lovely Design】Lovely 3D cartoon dinosaur design, simple and stylish. With the changing night light, this kid alarm clock looks so amazing that your sweetheart would be in love with it. Made of premium ABS material, safe and healthy for using.
  • 【Wonderful Nightlight Function】It can be used as a nightlight in dark situations by pressing "×" button to adjust the nightlight brightness.Notes: 1. when the products is powered by batteries, the nightlight can only last 5 minutes in any mode(nightlight will consume the batteries). 2. when the product is powered by an adapter, the nightlight can last 30 minutes in ALARM or OK! to WAKE mode. If you turn on the nightlight via the button and do not turn it off, the nightlight will always remain it

Product description
Why you choose to buy this HAPTIME children alarm clock?
1.Distinctive Time to Wake Up Function---brings you a excellent experience, other children alarm clock does not have the feature.
2.Wonderful NAP Function---you can set a nap time for nap or reminder of important issues, have a nice nap and never worry for missing time!
3.Snooze Function---when your kids do not want to wake up instantly the clock is alarming, touch the snooze switch on the top to enter snooze mode. The snooze time will be 9 minutes.
4.Backlight Function---press the top of the clock or any physical button, the backlight automatically turns on and lasts for 5 seconds for your kids to have a clear sight of the current time.
5.Week Mode---One Press to switch to weekend mode, no more bothers and enjoy your sweet dreams with kids.
6.Lovely Cartoon Appearance---Adorable alarm clock is characterized by cute dinosaur appearance, Appealing dinosaur logo on the screen is designed to attract your little babies!

Power On
1.The product can be powered by a proper adapter with a USB charging cable or 3 AAA batteries.(Note: You can also plug the product with batteries into mains. It's recommended to feed the product with an adapter.)
2.In setting status, the setting interface will be back to time display interface if no operation is done in 15 seconds.

1.Do not expose the unit to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, dust or humidity.
2.A cloth or other protective material should be placed between the clock and the furniture.
3.Cut off the power before clean the clock with a soft cloth moistened only with mild soap and water.
4.You must use the original adapter.
5.Do not disassemble the clock or touch any components.

Package Included
1x HAPTIME Children Alarm Clock
1x User Manual
1x USB Cable
1x Adapter
3x AAA batteries
1x MINI screwdriver