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How to use our new model ---Wifi weather station

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Wifi weather station is our company new model and it’s very convenient and practical.

And how to use it ?Pls find below use method.

1. Firstly, Use your smartphone connected to Wifi, open WeChat or browser scanning two-dimensional code which in fuselage, download and install APP.

2. Turn on the product ,connect it to power via 5V DC cable into the clock display interface, and ensure the product and your smartphone in the same WIFI overlay area.( 5G network cannot use for now)

3Open your smartphone’s APP, the WIFI name has been shows on APP ,then press and hold the product WIFI/SNOZZE button for 5 seconds.(Turn on the product ,it can enter the pairing interface automatically,the whole screen flashing and waiting for input password ,no need press any button;It still need to press and hold the WIFI/SNOZZE button if change different smartphone to control it in the same WIFI overlay area.), you can input the WIFI password in the APP password bar when you hear "Di--DiDi" three sound and see the LCD " " flashing, and then click “connect WI-FI”button to connect the product with smartphone. It will show "The connection is successful" on the smartphone, which means the connection between the smartphone and the product is successful. 


Wait a minute, the weather forcast, time and date will updated to the latest local time, date and weather forecast information automatically. The product will updated the above information everyday according to your set time and do not need to re-enter the password as long as the WIFI overlay area not  change.It ’s very convenient and practical.

4. You can change the below information through APP:

a, The weather forecast of the city name

b, Switch weather shows one day or three days

c, change the frequency of refresh weather forecast

d,Switch the temperature C to F display

e,Set up the alarm clock and Snozze etc

Note:When you updated the content every time ,pls click the below “Confirm” button to send the content to the product ,the product will show the corresponding change content once receives successfully .

5. You can remotely view the local real-time indoor temperature and humidity values, and change curves through Smartphone APP.

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