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Weather station clock which can tell you when will you get up

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Weather clock, a multi-functional electronic products, it can prevent the detection of air temperature and humidity of a process, with this clock you will  not afraid of the troubled "back to the South Day". Always remind you whether there will be a situation to the “south Day” of the temperature and humidity. 

But also has the indoor and outdoor wireless reception and transmission function of the open distance of more than 30 meters, with outdoor sensors, outdoor unit with low power display, this weather clock is a multi-functional products, but also have an electronic alarm with snooze reminder Function, so you will not afraid of work  or go to school will be late .

weather station clock

A Multi-function weather station clock, with temperature and time date display function, custom settings alarm clock and snooze time function, display indoor / external temperature and humidity, with outdoor wireless transmitter, indoor wireless receiving temperature and humidity, wireless receiver receiving distance: Obstacles 30M, calendar clock display, alarm clock, snooze function, dynamic color weather display, LED backlight.

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