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Where do you go to check on the weather

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Where do you go to check on the weather? A favorite website? A reliable app? Or maybe just good old Google? All these options are valid, but in this day and age, why not have your very own weather station right in your home?

The HAPTIME Weather Station is a neat gadget that can do just that. With a radio and Wi-Fi connection combined, it sends the current weather conditions from both outside and indoors straight to your smartphone or tablet.
There are lots of different weather stations you can buy if you need to stay on top of your indoor or outdoor conditions. Most of these stations use simple displays to tell you about their findings, which means you get the information you need, but you only get it when you’re home, looking at the display.
The more modern variety of weather stations can connect to your computer, giving you access to the data from anywhere, as long as you have access to that computer. 
The HAPTIME Weather Station stores all your measurements on its own servers. You can then access the data using your smartphone, tablet, and computer. This means you can truly stay on top of your home conditions, even if you’re away for 3 days .
Comming 3 days weather forecast and min&max temperature forecast,and uses both radio signals and Wi-Fi for data synchronization. It measures temperature, humidity, It can also provide custom alerts, in case there are certain conditions you want to be aware of immediately.

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