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What Weather Station to Buy

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The HAPTIME YGH391 is an easy to setup alarm clock which can be easily adjusted to 12Hr (AM, PM) display or 24Hr (13:00) time display. The YGH391 jis also equiped with indoor and outdoor temperature reporting. The bright display is powered from a 5V 500mAh AC adapter and contains a pair of button batteries to hold the backup of settings for time, date, and alarms. Any convenient USB 5V source is fine.  Depending on where I am going to be settled for a while, I may carry this nice clock to that desktop for a quick glance at what I am missing outdoors. The display is bright and clear and can be easily viewed from 20 feet. The casing has a nice kick stand on the back making this a nice desktop display but not ready to wall mount without making special arrangements for the USB power cabling.  As I move around the different work stations here, I take the clock with me and plug the power into a USB jack on the current workstation.  So, if I am gaming, or bill paying, or video editing I have the nice current weather basics within view and is the best home weather station.  This does not report barometric pressure

What Weather Station to Buy

The handy weather clock will monitor current indoors temperature and humidity and through a 2.4Ghz outdoor sensor it will also report current outdoor temperature and humidity.  The current weather is a best guess based on humidity trends and has been generaly on the money for clear or cloudy.

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