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Measure Humidity in Room - Mini Portable
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Measure Humidity in Room - Mini Portable

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    Digital LCD Thermometer Hygrometer Electronic Temperature Humidity Meter Weather Station Indoor

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How to Measure humidity in room - Mini Portable

indoor humidity


Measure humidity in room Feature (Sunny/ Sun with cloudy/ Cloudy/ Rainy)

Out door/ Indoor temperature display

Out door/ Indoor humidity display

Wireless transmission technology RF wireless Sensor

Perpetual Calendar Display Function

Alarm/ Snooze Function

12/ 24 Hours Format Selection

Dynamic Colorful Weather Display

Degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit Selection

Accompany with outdoor temperature/ humidity emitter

Power Supply: DC 5V, 1A for inside receiver

2x AAA Battery for our door sensor

Colorful LCD backlight Date, Time, Indoor and Outdoor Temperature and humidity readout

Accompany with outdoor sensor (30 meters for open area)

Measure humidity in room Product Advantage:

1. Cobblestone Shaped RF Remote Measure Humidity in Room weather station Measure humidity in room : with sunny, sun with cloudy, cloudy or rainy forecast function and measures humidity and temperatures indoors and outdoor as well as built in clock, alarm and day operation
2. Wireless Transmission Range: Experience the ease of this High-Precision Measure Humidity in Room wireless weather station Measure humidity in room with High-transmission Range sensor that works up to 30m up to 50m in the open air providing you a personal forecast of 12 to 24 hour weather conditions with four different weather icons (mostly sunny/Partly cloudy/cloudy/rainy) Plus it has built in alarm clock and programmable snooze.
3. Dynamic Color Weather Display: The elegent cobblestone color weather station features a blue LED backlight and full-color animated weather display with large numbers, graphics and icons for current weather forecast, clear and easy to read for a host of weather- tracking options. This attractive weather forecast tool is perfect for giving you an accurate temperature reading that's convenient in your personal space because of its compact size.
4. Monitor Current Conditions with Accuracy: giving you all the information that happening in your area, the screen can display indoor and outdoor temperature, relative humidity by placing the wireless sensor outside it will transmit a wide variety of climatic information back to the base station.
5. Easy-to-Read: color weather station display has accurately humidity measurement and precision indoor or outdoor thermometer.

Main unit specification :

● Main unit size:72.5*57.1*198.2mm
● Battery type :2*1.5V LR44/AG13 button battery(included)
● Input power : USB DC5V 500mA
● Adaptor: Input:AC 100-240V 50/60Hz ; Output: 5V 500mA
● Temperature range: 0°C ~ 50°C(32°F~122°F)
● Temperature tolerance: 0°C ~ 40°C +/- 1.0°C

     40°C < T < 50°C +/- 2°C

● Temperature resolution: 1°C
● Humidity Range: 20% ~ 95%
● Humidity tolerance: +/- 5%
● Humidity resolution:1%
● Detection period:57 seconds

Remote sensor specification:

● Remote sensor size:95*45*20mm 
● Battery type:2*1.5V AAA battery (not included)
● Temperature range: - 20°C ~ 50°C
● Temperature range: - 20°C ~ 50°C
●Temperature tolerance: 0°C ~ 40°C +/- 1.0°C

        40°C < T < 50°C +/- 2°C

        -20°C < T< 0°C +/- 2°C

● Temperature resolution: 1°C
● Humidity Range: 20% ~ 95%
● Humidity tolerance:+/- 5%
● Humidity resolution:1%
● Transmission Frequency: 433MHz
● Transmission Range: 30 meters (Open area)
● Quiescent current: <30uA

Technical Support: Magic Lamp