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Wireless weather station,digital alarm clock,air monitor,digital kitchen timer factory, wholesale.

Shenzhen YuanGuangHao Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Audited by K-mart &IPS,HAPTIME focus on wireless weather station,digital alarm clock,air monitor,digital kitchen timer more than 19

Wireless weather station,digital alarm clock,air monitor,digital kitchen timer

Efficient Life Begin From An Alarm Clock
The 5230 is a great digital alarm clock with a simple, modern design that fits both the office and bedroom environments. It has large LED digital display and six brightness control, screen occupies the entire front side. In standa...
Dinosaur Alarm Clock---a good company of your children
Our company designs a dinosaur alarm clock for children in particularly. This alarm clock adds some dinosaur elements in appearance, very cute and popular with children. In addition, our product has also won the German Red Dot ...
A Large-Screen Digital Alarm Clock--good helper of your heath
In any way, a digital alarm clock is essential in our daily life. You can get the time at any time and needless to turn on your cell phone, which can reduce the time of using your phone. YGH3160 Large screen digital alarm clock ...
Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show- -HAPTIME Is Waiting for You
HAPTIME has been working on smart home products field for more than 20 years, and our company is one of the best supplier in this industry. Our main products are digital alarm clock, wireless weather station, Air Quality M...
Take care your breathing problem-Step1:To select a good PM2.5 Detector
YGH A8 Cobblestone PM2.5 Detector is a fantastic product to help you to prevent from this predicament. The Cobblestone PM2.5 Detector adopt laser sensor technology, it can accurately measure the volume of PM2.5 in the air...
  • Apr 04.2019
  • 36 browse
Yuanguanghao Electronics Co,.Ltd has been working on smart home products field, and our company is one of the best supplier in this industry. Our main products are alarm clock, weather station, air condition detector, timer etc...
Don't you want to know what's these functions?
YGH Multi-functional Alarm Clock is a product designed to give you a better sleep. This multi-functional Alarm Clock with large LCD display, which has high saturation so it can be seen clearly in the sunlight.In the screen,...
HAPTIME Exhibition Season - New Product
The next month is the season of the show. HAPTIME has launched several new products, YGH3150Alarm Clock With FM Radio, YGH3160 Large Screen Digital LED Clock,YGH3180 Dinosaur Kids Alarm Clock,YGH118P...
An alarm clock can charge your phone-Have you ever heard of that?
Best described as a multi-functional alarm clock, YGH5231 Alarm Clock With Wireless Charger can meet your diverse needs. This product is not only well designed but successfully incorporates smart technology into a traditiona...
So cool weather station-you deserve to own
Now a product can solve your problem quickly. That is YGH128-LED Weather station,it shows real-time weather,temperature and humidity indoor and outdoor.This product also can be an alarm clock with snooze function.
Reddot Design Award
Reddot Design Award
  • Mar 03.2019
  • 115 browse
Your success in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019, For more than 60 yeas, the Red Dot Award- one of the world's largest design
12/24H Dual Digital Alarm Clock | HAPTIME
The led display gives you a better viewing experience. Without glasses, you can see the time clearly from multiple angles. Adjustable dimmers adjust the brightness between low light, medium light, bright light and off light acc...
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays
  • Jan 01.2019
  • 150 browse
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2019 Jan CES Fair
2019 Jan CES Fair
  • Jan 01.2019
  • 220 browse
More than 20 new patent products developed every year, including digital alarm clock ,wireless weather station, digital kitchen timer, hygrometer thermometer​, air monitor ​etc.
Monitoring Indoor Air quality in Your Home
Looking for a healthier home? The HAPTIMES mart Indoor Air Quality Monitor will put you on the right track! Get real-time readings for the temperature, humidity
Digital Kitchen Timer - The Kitchen Gadget You Need to Buy
HAPTIME Digital Kitchen Cooking Timer is easily to read. HAPTIME digital timer with 75DB loud beeping sound ensures you can hear this kitchen cooking timer's alarm in another room. No worry about overcook or underc...
The new products air 6 in 1 Multifunctional Indoor Air Quality Monitor is a simple and reliable measuring instrument that combines ease of use and performance.
China (Shenzhen) International Gift and Home Products Fair
Audited by K-mart &IPS,Shenzhen Yuanguganghao electronics Co.,Ltd.focus on Home Gift digital clock,Home Gift weather station clock,Countdown timer clock Home Decorations Gift
Get the champion, We will work harder
Get the champion, We will work harder
  • Nov 11.2018
  • 275 browse
Thanks to our production department, design department, engineering department, quality department and other departments for their cooperation, thanks to all the silent colleagues behind it.
2018 Oct HK Fair
2018 Oct HK Fair
  • Oct 10.2018
  • 231 browse
A series of new products, digital alarm clock, alarm clock with wireless charger,multifunctional nordic style clock,multifunctional projection clock ,Large Display Countdown Timer,Mini Hygrothermograph and so on will be di...
New Product, Bedside Digital Alarm Clock
Bedside digital alarm clock,digital alarm clock,desk clock,music alarm clock wholesalers and suppliers.Tel:86-755-28689196
How to set the calendar function for smart weather station clock?
How to set the calendar function for Smart light clock , the product into the Mini USB 5V power supply, "OFF / ON" switch dial "ON" position, the backlight lights up, while the product will automatically detect the disp...
How to check the humidity level in your house
Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer, the best resolution for monitoring the indoor humidity and temperature, indicateing the professional indoor comfort levels to the family.
Weather station clock which can tell you when will you get up
Buy weather stations, wireless weather stations, professional weather stations and home weather stations.
Weather station clock which can predict “continuous wet weather”
this weather clock is a multi-functional products, but also have an electronic alarm with snooze reminder Function, so you will also not afraid of work will be late or go to school late .
Unique cobblestone remote weather station
Using an RF wireless sensor, the colorful backlight weather station can bring you the latest indoor and outdoor temperatures as well as humidity on its large LCD display that will also use a pictorial representation to inform y...
In the Home, What Is Ideal Humidity?
In the Home, What Is Ideal Humidity?
  • Aug 08.2018
  • 672 browse
A small device called a hygrometer can be used to give a specific relative humidity reading. A hygrometer can be either mechanical or electronic, and it can be free-standing or a part of a thermometer.Either style is relatively in...
Are Wireless Weather Stations Really Necessary ?
Wireless Weather StationIt is a personal choice as to whether a wireless station is necessary for your home. People who live in regions that have drastic weather changes feel that these units are indispensible for their safety.
NOW! Sales on Digital alarm clocks - Better Homes and Gardens
Two alarm ringtones ,very considerate Oh, let you wake up a little bit from the sweet dreams.
One day
One day
  • Oct 10.2017
  • 567 browse
For the first day of the show, we took the weather clock, pm2.5 detector, Air Quality Monitor and clock, the product is not much, is hot and the new product, get a lot of customers like A10 Mini Stone Pm2.5 Monitor ,Monito...
Cooking Timer Works Great, Easy to Use
The volume function is great! There are times when people are still sleeping early in the morning when we cook and that soft alarm volume is nice. The louder volume can cut through the noise of our busy household. It came to m...
Comma weather Station Alarm Clock Operation commentary
it is a clock to see the time and also a basic weather station , no need to watch TV to let you know weather information ! it is also a digital hygrothermograph to display temperature and humidity.
The 26rd China (Shenzhen) International Gift and Home Products Fair
Countdown 3 days The shenzhen gift fair is about to begin. Shenzhen Yuanguganghao electronics Co.,Ltd. electronics looks forward to meeting you We pay attention to give you the best!
shenzhen international industrial design fair
Our branch company attend shenzhen international industrial design fair!
BV Social audited pass
BV Social audited pass
  • Aug 08.2018
  • 775 browse
Today BV staff came to audit. And everything success. BV staff said: “ your company : Good!”
How do weather stations help predict weather?
A good quality weather station incorporates a pressure sensor and outdoor temperature and humidity sensors. Using the information supplied by these instruments the weather station can make fairly accurate predictions of approaching...
Smart Clock, New Comma Weather Station Is Coming
Comma weather station clock, it can prevent the detection of air temperature and humidity , with this clock you will not afraid of the troubled "back to the South Day". Always remind you whether there will be a situation to ...
CES 2018 Weather Station
CES 2018 Weather Station
  • Aug 08.2018
  • 657 browse
The official Haptime Clocks website, providing a wide range of Hptime clocks including Hptime alarm clocks & haptime weather station clocks
Shenzhen Gift and Home Products Fair-Last day
The bluetooth speaker, weather clock, PM2.5 detector, timer and night light have attracted many customers.
Air pollution health effects
Air pollution health effects
  • Nov 11.2017
  • 482 browse
New Arrival Indoor Home Use Pm2.5 Formaldehyde Detector
Do you know the how harmful the PM2.5 it is?
Mini Portable Multifunction Air Quality Detector For PM2.5 Monitoring.
High Quality Air quality supplier in seirous testing
Handheld pm2.5 air quality monitor pm2.5,PM2.5 Detector Particle Air Pollution.
Why choose YGH for your weather station ?
China Wired Weather Station Lcd Temperature Display Clock Brand
what is the best home weather station to buy?
Professional factory price desktop with backlight electronic best home professional weather station
Why use a special kitchen timer?
Why use a special kitchen timer?
  • Aug 08.2018
  • 312 browse
Kitchen timers are more durable and moisture-proof than other electronic products. Most of our kitchen timers.A must-have for the serious home chef.
The 26rd China(Shenzhen) Inthernational Gifi and Home Products Fair
With 26 years of experience, Reed Huabo's China Gift and Home Fair is the largest trade show of its kind in Mainland China. Held in Shenzhen during the best buying season in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center
The harm of temperature and humidity to the human body
According to the study, the most suitable temperature in the room should be kept at the room temperature of 18 degrees C, the relative humidity should be kept at 30 - 40%, and the relative humidity should be kept at 40 - 50% whe...
What are the instruments for  indoor environment monitoring?
Application area: indoor environment monitoring, office environment monitoring, home environment monitoring
Best baby room thermometers
Best baby room thermometers
  • Jul 07.2018
  • 340 browse
Making sure your baby’s room is a safe temperature is important, so investing in a baby room thermometer is often a good idea, allowing you to check the room temperature at a glance.
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