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Digital Projection Alarm Clocks for Sale | HAPTIME
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Digital Projection Alarm Clocks for Sale | HAPTIME

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    HAPTIME Projection Clock, 6.5 inch LED Display with Dimmer, FM Radio Alarm Clock, Alarm with USB Charging Port, 3 Level of Brightness, 12 and 24h, 180° Adjustable Angle

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Digital Projection Alarm Clocks for Sale | HAPTIME

Digital Projection Alarm Clocks for Sale

Features :

Extra large LED display
Clock function with natural music alarm sound
FM radio with sleep timer function , 10 stations can be stored
Projection function in 360° rotation design
Snooze function
4 levels brightness control
12/24H format selection
With usb charging port

Specification :

Power supply : 
Size :
170 63.7 84.5mm
Input : 
DV5V 1.5A
Output : 
DC5V 1.2A ( Max )
Radio Frequency : 

Product Description:

【Projection time】 With 180°adjustable angle allows you to project ultra-clear time onto ceiling or walls. If the time displayed inverted, press the button again, the direction will be right. The time display with 12/24 format, the blue projection light is soft. The projection rotating wheel is comfortable for you to grip.
【Alarm clock with snooze function】 Wake you up with a natural sound instead of buzzer noise. Just push the button, you can switch the alarm clock to snooze station. There is a non-slip pad at the bottom to prevent to slip off from the bedside table
【FM radio with sleep timer】 FM radio can store up to 10 FM stations from the wide range of free programming (FM: 76.0-108.0MHz), including some radio stations in Europe & America. Designed with the sleep timer (5-90minutes), The volume of the radio can be adjusted.
【Ultra-clear screen display】 6.5" extra-large LED screen display. A blue font and the data shows clearly. And the 3 level brightness of screen is adjustable.
【 USB charging port】 USB port can be connected with your iPhone, iPad and other devices for automatic charging. And it also has a battery backup system, the backup battery with memory function can only backup time and alarm setting in case of power failure.

Technical Support: Magic Lamp