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Trying to get better

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Yesterday,is Monday,it is the beginning of the week.Our company held the early meeting,some of us share something they want to tell us,about how to get success;how to look at things from different angles.

 So I want to share you some pictures and a story about people want to get better.



In this picture, a man said he is not perfect, but he want to get better. I believe that all of us what to get better.But you must to know people imperfect is perfect.

And then ,let’s take a look at a story about a little girl get better in imperfect.


There was a little girl whose grades were always average. Her mother made her attend various cram schools. On Sunday she rushed from one cram school to another, busy as a little top, tired as a fish can not find water, but no matter how hard she tried, her grades are still medium.

Several times under the toss, the girl's little face is more and more pale, heard that the exam, the heart will produce resistance, anorexia, sweat. Her mother stopped trying so hard, she sang like a lark and won a prize at a contest. The little girl loved to tell jokes and do her work quietly, and time began to bloom on her little hands. Healthy, happy, children can safely live their own want of life, is a good life for children!


Ji Xianlin,a renowned professor in peking University said:"Everyone strives for a perfect life. However, from ancient times to the present, inside the sea and overseas, there is no 100 percent perfect life. There is no such thing as an absolutely perfect life. "People have joys and sorrows, on rain or shine circle". As one song goes, "you don't have to be perfect, I don't have to be perfect, human loveliness is not perfect." An imperfect life is plastic, and an imperfect life is a perfect life.

When I started working, I often come up such an idea "tomorrow will be better," today I read a lot of contributions, it won't be so tired tomorrow, tomorrow, I won't be eating bread, and rewrite some of thing, my breath, I'll be long in the flowers in the garden, watching insects crawling on veins. But tomorrow and tomorrow's things, like the little monk sweeping leaves, every day there are always new leaves floating down, there are always some things not done.


The "perfect state" is just a product of people's imagination, which is not available. Life is like sleeping on a blanket that is too short. You pull it up, your toes protest, and pull it down. Your shoulders shake with cold.

There are some people out there who are obsessed with the perfect, organized life. Don't litter the sofa; Fold the bed neatly; Don't throw your books everywhere... If you get too involved in small things, too harsh on people and things around you, and pursue a perfect life, life will lose its happiness. Just as fish can't live in too clear and pure water.


If you focus on your mistakes, it's easy to get mad about little things, get angry, and feel upset like a kite with a broken string. You will feel worthless and disgusting, and the world will make you hate you. Give yourself some space to do something wrong and have room for improvement. Psychologists suggest that you do the best you can in every way and then let go. Because no matter how hard you try, you will inevitably make some mistakes and not be perfect. Focus on your strengths and you'll feel happier than ever.

Perfection is only a direction, we don't have to be too demanding on ourselves, we can only perfect in an instant. Just as there is no permanent success in life, as long as today is better than yesterday, tomorrow is better than today, even a little progress, is worth thumb up. There is no real perfect life, only the imperfect is the most real beauty.

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