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it is a clock to see the time and also a basic weather station , no need to watch TV to let you know weather information ! it is also a digital hygrothermograph to display temperature and humidity.

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Comma Weather Station Alarm Clock Operation Commentary

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HAPTIME YGH312 Comma Weather Station

COMMA WEATHER STATION: Color Weather Forecast. Easy-to-read color weather station display has accurately humidity measurement and precision indoor or outdoor thermometer. SPECIFIC WEATHER FORECAST - forecasts four different weather conditions: sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, rainy. The image reports are vivid and clear. & MULTIPLE OPTIONS - you can choose temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, and set time to twenty-four hours or twelve hours. WIRELESS OUTDOOR - Includes weather resistant transmitting sensor sending outdoor temperature & humidity to the indoor base station. Range up to 200 ft (open air) for the best transmission. Some metals & glass can reduce signal strength.

HAPTIME YGH312 Comma Weather Station Features:

Time,alarm/snooze function. Calendar function (weekday display). Time display : “Hour” “Minute” 12/24 hour format selecting Celsius or Fahrenheit exchangeable Low battery indicators Thermometer function : outdoor and indoor temperature display. Hygrometer function : outdoor and indoor humidity display. Minimum and maximum memory for indoor and remote temperature & humidity Weather forecast function : Monitor the weather and display weather forecast as a user-friendly icon: sun,sunny with cloudy, clouds,rain. Adopt wireless transmission technology to receive temperature and humidity data from remote sensor .(30 meters open area)

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Audited by K-mart &IPS,Shenzhen Yuanguganghao electronics Co.,Ltd.focus on digital clock,weather station,countdown timer,air quality monitor more than 19 years.Email:[email protected]

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