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The timer is more useful in the kitchen. For me, the one that likes to use the timer most is when you cook, bake, and broth.

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How Important Is The Use Of Time?

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Those who know how to use time must first know how to operate these smart machines and let it save you time. Instead of keeping it by the machine, let yourself be the servant of the machine.

For those who like to soak in the kitchen, using the soup and pickling time to treat other ingredients, and doing some cleaning work when the oven and microwave oven are running by themselves are considered to be "use time".

But for many of the "Ma Daha" around, this method may not be applicable in the kitchen. It is often prone to catastrophic scenes such as simmering over the head and burning the bottom of the pot. In this case, a timer can help a lot.

After the time has been set, you can safely do other things, not because you are worried about the soup on the stove, and you can taste the finished product in the best time.

The timer is not a common gadget for Chinese families. It is often seen in dessert shops and restaurants, and the chef will use it to make the cooking process more worry-free.

I have been using this gadget recently, and I found that not only in the kitchen, but also in various things, I can use it to improve efficiency, such as

Kitchen timing

The timer is more useful in the kitchen. For me, the one that likes to use the timer most is when you cook, bake, and broth.

Like tomatoes, burdock, potato ribs, braised pork, and other dishes that need to be stewed for a long time, I basically use timers.

Because these dishes need to be frequently turned over, it is usually timed 5-10 minutes. When the time is up, turn over the pan to prevent sticking.

fun kitchen timers

And baking, although many ovens already have timing functions, but for the sake of insurance, I will still set a time, so that you can completely do anything else~

Not to mention soup, especially when you need a small soup, the timer is definitely the best. It is also very practical for the elderly at home, no longer afraid that they will be overwhelmed.

Lifetime magic

Where else can I use a timer? Too much.

Apply it to the mask, you don't have to look at the time to be overwhelmed.

At noon, set a 30-45 minute, just call you to get up.

Even when playing games, I will use it to time, give myself a time, I won’t stop playing.

There are all kinds of things, everything that needs timing, it can come in handy~

For me, the timer is as simple as a function and looks good. So in the end, we selected the kitchen timer for the brand HAPTIME.

The reason for choosing it, of course, is not only the value of the face (although it really looks good), the simple and generous white design, where to match.

And its quality is not necessary to say, it must be able to use for many years. The big screen shows that it is convenient to see how much time is left from a distance.

Another thing that I am particularly pleased with is the magnet design on the back. With it, you can "put" the timer everywhere. Kitchen refrigerator, microwave, wall, bedroom bedside, desk side... and he also has a clock function, he is a small clock when not counting.

Finally, I will give you a description of the instructions for you to start a timer~

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