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It has clock, weather sensor and It accurately show the humidity, temperature outside.

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What weather instrument measures humidity?

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weather station with humidity

It is a pretty cool gadget

Nice looking is informative bright colourful, Shows inside- outside temperature. Very easy to set up and control. Is nice to have on your bedside table can set up alarm.

its colour Lcd display and the fact it would display indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity.

The weather forecast is displayed in yellow, time in purple, indoor temperatures and humidity in green and outdoor temperature and humidity in blue.

The outdoor wireless sensor takes 2 aaa batteries (not included) and can sit or be hung up outside.

The clock itself is powered by the included micro usb lead and plug, with internal button batteries (included) to keep the time and date and alarms should there be a power cut.

very nice design small you can put anywhere you like it . its shows you the weathe on it i dont need to check any more on the line always in front of you, inside and ouside the temperature accurate, love the lcd screen when you wake up in the nigt you can cleary see the time without standing out of your bed.
This is easy to read at a glance both during the day and at night. 

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